Office and Professional Employees International Union was chartered in 1945 and with over 103,000 strong, we are one of the larger Unions of the AFL-CIO. OPEIU has local Unions throughout the States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the District of Columbia. You are not alone when you join with OPEIU.

As a member of OPEIU, you are also a member of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor – Council of Industrial Organizations), an umbrella organization made up of 100’s of different Unions that strive to bring economic justice to all workers in the United States.

OPEIU members work in many settings as varied as banking and credit unions, insurance, higher education, shipping, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, social services, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, hotels, offices and more.

Local 12 is just one of the many OPEIU locals that work to ensure a better and more secure standard of living for employees. We have negotiated countless contracts covering all classifications of professional, office, high-tech services and industrial system jobs.



OPEIU Local 12 serves over 2500 members comprising over 100 contracts. We are a democratic institution governed by our members.  Our Union is governed by a written Constitution. Most of our members are in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, but there are units throughout the state – Rochester, Hibbing, and Duluth for example. Local 12 also has a few members in North Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin. OPEIU members have scored major gains in a range of areas. These include:

  • Grievance procedures;
  • Guaranteed wage rates;
  • Regular salary increases;
  • Job security;
  • Pension, health and dental insurance;
  • Equal pay for comparable work;
  • Fair promotion procedures;
  • Safe and appropriate working conditions;
  • Improved overtime rates;
  • Proper job classifications and workloads;
  • Shorter work weeks; and
  • Longer paid vacations; and
  • Much more.