Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

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Important Bargaining Update: 12/1/2021

After bargaining for 30 hours on the Final day of the contract a lot of progress has been made. The Employer and the Union have come to some Tentative Agreements, but more proposals have been dropped. In the very early morning hours on December 1, 2021 the Employer and the Union met for another joint session.

The Employer proposed a wage increase of, 0.25% in Year 1, 0% in Year 2, and 0% in Year 3. In efforts to get things moving the employer dropped the raise in out-of-pocket costs, and the outpatient hospital co-pay proposals.

We were not surprised at the insulting and incredibly low offer for wage increases as this is the current MO in HealthPartners Negotiations in recent Bargaining over the years. We just need to keep pushing back.

HealthPartners Bargaining Update for the Week of November 22nd

Since the last bargaining update, we have several dropped proposals and agreed to several Tentative Agreements.

The first is we reached a Tentative agreement on the 18.01 On call proposal from the Employer.  This counter states that the On Call employee must give their availability and should they not work for one month and has been called to work at least 3 times during period the employer may consider this employee to have voluntarily quit (if they have said they are available and refuse to work, unavailable time doesn’t count towards this). This means that On Call employees should be responsible in communicating with their supervisor about their availability. This also allows for On Call employees to not work for three consecutive months if needed instead of the current two.

Kelsie Anderson’s Response to HealthPartners Not Honoring MLK Day, Juneteenth, and Indigenous People’s Day

Shortly after President Joe Biden made Juneteenth a National holiday, I along with another co-worker who also sits with me on our departments anti racism committee worked with our wonderful, hard working union rep Traci Murphy to create a petition to make Juneteenth a recognized holiday. I honestly thought that HealthPartners just needed some time to figure out how they can make this work.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Union

As we celebrate, we give thanks to OPEIU members for their important work over the past year under challenging circumstances. From the bargaining table to the Thanksgiving table, OPEIU is proud to call you family.

Happy Thanksgiving!